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    EWU's BRC staff are assigned to support Sustainable Resource INW. Sustainable Resources, in partnership with AVISTA Utilities, the Department of Ecology, and the Eastern Washington University Business Resource Center (BRC) is engaged in a program to recognize businesses adopting smart capital management systems,practices, and policies. A business may be recognized by the SMART program on two levels, as a Spokane Sustainable participantbusiness or as a Spokane Sustainable certified business.


    A business may be recognized by the SMART program on two levels, as a SMART Sustainable business participant or as a SMART Sustainable certified business. 

    Participant level is for businesses which commit to changes in their practices that will ultimately result in better management of assets, resources and/or technology.

    Certified level is for businesses which can demonstrate that they have adopted changes resulting in better management of assets, resources and/or technology.

    In recognition of their achievement, businesses are listed on Sustainable Resources' website,  advertisement in the Go Green Directory, and receive a SMART Sustainable Business decal (participant or certified), in the form of a window cling and an electronic format that can be used on letterhead and marketing materials. Window cling decals will be provided for each of the following categories upon qualification:

    Ultimately, both levels should lead businesses to a better work environment, a healthier, more productive workforce, more customers, and an increase in the bottom line.

    For Additional Information

    Visit the Sustainable Resurces' SMART Business Recognition Program website.
    Questions about the program or the application, please contact Kirsten Nolan at 509-209-2861 or









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