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EWU Challenge Course


The EWU PEHR Challenge Course program can be used by a group or organization as a means of developing and strengthening certain areas or aspects of their team. The staff strives to build an understanding of each group's developmental path, current issues or conflicts and goals before designing a program to fit their needs.

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    Fun group activities that serve as an ice breaker and allow the group to cut loose and act goofy.

    New group games    



    A challenge presented by the facilitator with no given solution.  The group must work together in developing an effective plan to accomplish the goal.


    Initiatives         Initiatives                         initiatives                            


    A sequence of activities that develop trust among the participants.  Spotting techniques are taught by the facilitator and carried out by the participants.





    A series of un-belayed, spotted activities that address group or individual goals.  The activities are performed on fixed cables, boards, ropes or other hardware.



       low elements


    A series of belayed activities fixed 25-40 feet high.  The activities primarily challenge individual goals but may involve pairs or groups.


    High Element     High Element    

    Downloadable Program Information

    Please click on the links below to view important information regarding the EWU Challenge Course. This information will help you prepare for your experience on the Challenge Course:

    STATEMENT OF GOALS: This will help the staff create a unique program based on your groups specific needs and goals.

    INFORMATION FOR PARTICIPANTS: Clothing, rules, and safety guidelines.

    PARTICIPANT LIST: Please complete and return on the day of the program.

    WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Must be completed and returned by each participant on the day of the program.

    PROGRAM BROCHURE: Click for a printable version of our program brochure

    We are located on CHISSUS FIELD  (#8 on the MAP).  Park in the free parking lot P-12


    Mini Course: 1-2 hours

    Several group games and initiatives that will address specific group goals and needs.

    Team Course: 2+ hours

    Learn more in depth about the group dynamic and behaviors of the individuals in that group using group games, initiatives, spotted/trust and low elements.

    High Course: 3+ hours

    Groups are placed in a variety of elements that will help them grow, and learn to work effectively to complete appropriately challenging initiatives and also learn individual growth as well by using group games, initiatives, spotted/trust, low and high elements.


    Non-Profit/ Community Groups:

    $60/hr for up to 12 participants

    $3/hr for each additional participant

    EWU University Groups:

    $54/hr for up to 12 participants

    $2.50/hr for each additional participant

    For Groups with more than 36 participants, call for pricing.





    Contact Information

    Chris Cindric, Director, Challenge Course
    236 PEB
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.4535
    fax: 509.359.4833

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