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Masters in French Education


Language is one of the foundations of ethnic and cultural diversity, and the study of languages and cultures is one of the hallmarks of an educated person.

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    As of Fall 2014 we are not currently accepting new students into the Master of Education in French Program.

    The Master of Education in Modern Languages allows students to specialize in French. Individual programs are planned with an appropriate adviser from the Modern Languages Department. This specialization is offered principally for secondary foreign language teachers. Students must follow all of the requirements for the Master of Education. Candidates must attend the Institute in Nice, France twice for 10 credits per summer and take one summer quarter at EWU to complete Education requirements. An extra 5 credits per summer in Independent Studies (French 499 or 599) may be taken in Nice for a total of 15 credits.

    Please note that this degree does NOT lead to Washington State teaching certification.

    Requirement for admission is a Bachelor's degree in French or equivalent (to be determined by Program Director).

    What will I study?

    Students must follow all of the requirements for the Master of Education.

    Minimum total credits for Master's Degree: 48 credits

    Requirements in French (30 credits)

    French Courses
    French 496 Experimental Course, 1-5 credits
    French 498 Seminar, 1-5 credits
    French 410 French Stylistics, 3 credits
    French 415 Applied Linguistics, 5 credits
    French 499 Directed Study, 1-5 credits

    Fifth Year Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree in French
    French 525 French Cultural Traditions, 5 credits
    French 530 French Literary Studies, 5 credits
    French 599 Independent Studies, 1-5 credits

    Common Credit Requirements in Education (16 credits)

    1. EDUC 520 Methods of Educational Reserach OR alternate as designated (4 credits)
    2. Psychological Foundations: EDUC 522 or PSYC 515 (4 credits) 
    3. Historical, Philosophical and Social Foundations of Education: EDUC 502 or 507 (4 credits), and EDUC 505 or 506 (4 credits)
    Note: A minimum of 8 credits in Education must be completed on the Cheney Campus.

    Coursework in French, 400-500 level (Selected with the approval of the French adviser (30 credits)

    Approved electives in French or Education (2 credits)

    Emphases / Concentrations:

    Interesting courses I might take:

    Contact Information

    Modern Languages and Literatures
    133 Patterson Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.2481
    fax: 509.359.7855

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