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Bachelor of Arts in Film


The Film Program provides students a variety of electronic media facilities, including radio and television studios, electronic field production units and audio and video editing suites.

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    Overview: The film program prepares students for creative roles in the motion picture and television industry. The 81-credit program provides intensive experience in production and writing, as well as media theory and criticism. Graduates are required to write a classically-structured, feature-length screenplay and complete a major film/video production or theory/criticism project. A faculty-student panel reviews both the script and the project as a part of the senior capstone experience. The film program provides students a variety of electronic media facilities, including radio and television studios, electronic field production units and audio and video editing suites. The location of the campus in proximity to Spokane, a center of motion picture production, allows students to participate in internship programs in a wide range of communication settings.

    How to Apply: Students must complete all lower-division required GECR courses before entering the film program. Admission to the program is restricted to fall quarter. Once a student has completed all their GECRs, they should apply for a major status prior to the fall quarter they intend to begin the program. To apply for a major status, students can contact the Department Secretary at to set up an appointment with the Department Chair.

    Failure to complete courses as they are offered will result in a significant delay in progress toward graduation. FILM 214, Film and the Humanities, may be completed prior to any degree in Film, but must be successfully completed no later than the first quarter in the program. 

    Foreign Language Requirements for FILM: Two years of a single foreign language in high school or one year of a single foreign language at the college level is required for graduation with a BA major in FILM.

    What will I study?

    Required Courses

    FILM 110 Intro to Filmic Arts Production (5)
    FILM 214 Film and the Humanities (5)
    FILM 221 Narrative Script Analysis (5)
    FILM 305 Acting for Directors and Writers I (2)
    FILM 306 Acting for Directors and Writers II (2)
    FILM 311 Film Production (5)
    FILM 312 Film Directing and Producing (5)
    FILM 321 Writing the Short Film (5)
    FILM 322 Adaptation (5)
    FILM 410 Advanced Film Production (5)
    FILM 417 Advanced Screenwriting (4)
    FILM 420 Feature Film Writing (4)
    FILM 465 Film History I (5)
    FILM 466 Film History II (5)
    FILM 467 Film Theory and Criticism (5)
    FILM 470 Film Criticism (Topic 1) (4)
    FILM 470 Film Criticism (Topic 2) (4)
    FILM 482 Oral Examination: Production (1)
    or FILM 483 Oral Examination: Criticism (1)
    FILM 484 Oral Examination: Screenwriting (1)
    FILM 490 Film Senior Capstone (4) 

    Optional Courses

    FILM 439 Special Topics in the Film (1-5)
    FILM 480 Advanced Film Production I (4)
    FILM 481 Advanced Film Production II (4)
    FILM 495 Field Experience in Radio Television (5-12)

    For a full description of courses, download the Film Program Brochure 

    Emphases / Concentrations:

    Interesting courses I might take:

    What could I do with my degree?

    Contact Information

    Department of Theatre and Film - Film Program
    104 RTV
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6390
    fax: 509.359.4841

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