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Bachelor of Arts in English Education


Our English degrees provide students with strong writing skills, and a background in critical analysis, the structure of language, and literary history.

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    Students will reflectively assess their own ongoing development as teachers of English/Language Arts, as well as demonstrate their competence in established national standards (such as the guidelines of the National Council of Teachers of English) in content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and professional disposition.

    What will I study?

    Effective for secondary education students declaring major Fall 2013 or later.
    This major satisfies the endorsement for grades 5-12.

    Prerequisites required for admittance into Education Program: WEST-B Test, ENGL 101 and 201, CMST 200, MATH 115. For more information about the Education Department, application requirements, and required courses, see

    Use this document to understand the Secondary Education sequence of courses

    Pre-Major Requirements: 10 credits

    ENGL 271 Introduction to Poetry (5)
    ENGL 270 Introduction to Fiction (5) or ENGL 273 Critical Methodologies (5)

    Note: A minimum grade of 2.5 is required in each of the classes listed above. 

    Department Core: 20 Credits

    ENGL 343 Survey of American Literature I (5)
    ENGL 344 Survey of American Literature II (5)
    ENGL 350 Shakespeare (5)
    ENGL 360 Language Structure and Use (5)

    Note: A minimum grade of 2.5 is required in each of the classes listed above. 

    Choose two of the following: 10 Credits

    ENGL 340 Survey of British Literature I (5)
    ENGL 341 Survey of British Literature II (5)
    ENGL 342 Survey of British Literature III (5)

    Note: A minimum grade of 2.5 is required in each of the classes listed above. 

    Required Courses for Secondary English: 20 credits

    ENGL 408 The Composition Process (5) 
    ENGL 459 Grammar for Teachers (5) 
    ENGL 493 Teaching Literature to Adolescents (5) 

    ENGL 490 Department Senior Capstone: Teaching English in Secondary Schools (5) 

    Note: ENGL 408, 459, and 493 are prerequisites for ENGL 490 and cannot be taken concurrently with it. Minimum grade point for each of the English Education methods courses is 3.00. Recommended: HUMN 210 or HUMN 211 for partial fulfillment of their GECR in Humanities, unless students have DTA degrees from an approved community college. 

    Electives - two or more 300- or 400-level literature courses: 10 credits

           Note: A minimum grade of 2.5 is required in each of the electives. 

    Contact Information

    Department of English
    203 Patterson Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6039
    fax: 509.359.6206

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