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EWU Campus Friends Program


The mission statement of the Asia University America Program is a threefold commitment to students, to the institution, and to the profession. The AUAP Program is committed to providing a high quality and dynamic study abroad program for students from Asia University.

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    Become an EWU Campus Friend to an AUAP Student today!

    Commonly Asked Questions

    What is AUAP?
    What is a Campus Friend?
    How do I meet my Campus Friend?
    How do I apply to become a Campus Friend?
    How are the Campus Friends matched?
    What sort of Events can I attend as a Campus Friend?
    What are the requirements to become a Campus Friend
    Who should I contact if I have more questions?
    What is AUAP?
    The Asia University America Program (AUAP) is a study abroad program for students from Asia University in Tokyo, Japan.  We have two consecutive groups of approximately 30-90 students, who come to EWU each year and stay for five months.  The purpose of the program is to give Asia University students the opportunity to experience university life in the U.S. and learn about American culture, while taking classes in English and earning semester credits from their university.
    What is a Campus Friend?
    Campus Friends are EWU students who have the unique opportunity to meet and share college life experiences with our AUAP students who are participating in a study abroad program here at Eastern.  EWU students who participate in this program are able to share various aspects of American and Japanese cultures, develop their cross-cultural communication skills and enrich their university experience by getting to know someone from another country.
    How do I apply to become a Campus Friend?
    Pick up an application in LA Hall.
    Fill out an application and return it to an AUAP staff member in LA Hall.
    Include both your phone number and email so an AUAP staff member can contact you to inform you of Campus Friends’ events.
    You will be introduced to your AUAP Campus Friend at a pizza party sponsored by the AUAP Program.
    How do I meet my Campus Friend?
    There are two AUAP cycles with AUAP. The first cycle, Cycle I, begins in February and the second cycle, Cycle II, begins in September. The Student Service Assistant (SSA) will be accepting Campus Friend applications at the beginning of each cycle. Once your application has been accepted, you will be asked to attend a Campus Friends pizza party, where you will be formally introduced to your Campus Friend. If you can not make the Campus Friend pizza party, please inform the SSA as soon as possible either by email or phone. The contact information is below. 
    How will I be matched with a Campus Friend?
    Campus Friends are matched based on the application questions and compatibility of the answers, based on likes and hobbies. With that said, although the SSA will try to match as close as possible it is not an exact science. Which means sometimes you may not have too much in common with your Campus Friend. However, this is an opportunity.
    What sort of events can I attend as a Campus Friend?
    AUAP and the Campus Friends Program, hosts three large parties each cycle. The parties are meant to provide a set time for you and your AUAP Campus Friend(s) an opportunity to meet and communicate. These activates are free and as such are by invitation only. (If you have applied to be a Campus Friend and then you are invited.  

    Cycle II (September – February):
    Pizza Party (late September or early October)
    Pumpkin Party (late October)
    Game Night (mid-late November or early December)
    Cycle I (February – July)
    Pizza Party (early March)
    Game Night (late April)
    Barbecue at Haglin Park (late May or early June) 
    What are the requirements to become a Campus Friend?
    Are you . . .
    interested in meeting and getting to know someone from a different culture?
    able to spend 3 to 6 hours per month with your campus friend (eating meals, attending EWU events, studying, talking, playing sports, etc.)?
    currently an EWU student? (You do not need to live on campus.)
    If you have answered yes to all of the above then please fill out an application as soon as possible and submit it to the Student Service Assistant. 
    For more information, please contact:
    Nicole C. Evans
    Student Services Assistant
    106A Louise Anderson Hall
    Eastern Washington University

    Contact Information

    Asia University America Program
    106 Louise Anderson Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6432
    fax: 509.359.6981

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