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2011 ASEWU Election


These results reveal the 2011 Primary and General Election.

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    2011 ASEWU Election

    Brief Summary:

    The 2011 ASEWU Elections took a similar course to the 2009 Elections. In the Primary Election, Presidential-candidate Alex Clardy led his opponent Oscar Ocana by 4% of the vote. In a similar manner, Swen Bergman (who ran for Technology Advancement the previous year) led his opponent Steven Casteel for the same position with more than 11% of the vote. The most surprising outcome from the Primary Election was when Rebecca Harrell performed a write-in campaign for Student Health & Safety Services, in which she narrowly defeated original candidate Jordan Lemmon by as little as 11 votes. Brandon Nygard, however, took the majority of the vote for that particular position.

    Two weeks later in the General Election, Clardy lost to Ocana in the Presidential race by 7% of the vote. In return, Casteel gained support for Technology Advancement and narrowly defeated Bergman by 1.4%. Rebecca Harrell, the only write-in candidate from the Primary Election, defeated Brandon Nygard for Student Health & Safety services, gaining the most support for any of the contested seats. Also, no incumbents ran for re-election.

    Largest Margin of Victory: Clem Bustamante (Executive VP)

    Tightest Margin of Victory: Steven Casteel (Technology Advancement)

    Largest Net GAIN: Rebecca Harrell (Student Health & Safety) @ +32.2%

    Largest Net LOSS: Swen Bergman (Technology Advancement) @ -6.4%

    For the 2011 official Primary Election results, please click here.

    For the 2011 official General Election results, please click here.

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