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    2013 Spring Quarter Elections

    The 2013 ASEWU elections will occur in the beginning weeks of Spring Quarter 2013. Visit the ASEWU office in PUB 303 for more information. You can also email the Director of Elections at with any questions or comments. To view the requirements to run for a position, go to the Running for Office page. To learn how to vote for the candidates on the election days, go to the Vote! page.

    2013 ASEWU General Election: These election results are not offical until approved by the ASEWU Council



    D.j. Jigre: 2225

    Aly Morgan: 1156

    Executive Vice President:

    Francisco "Frank" Navarro: 1986

    Caleb Morgan: 1357


    Finance Vice President-

    Samson Hatton: 1874

    Saleh Alfayez: 1409


    Council Position #1: Academic Affairs

    Cassie Bratton: 1792

    Amy  Núñez: 1394


    Council Position #2: Athletic Affairs and University Advancement

    Kyle Dodson: 1785

    Rob Johnson: 1398


    Council Position #3: Diversity Outreach 

    Mariana G. Garcia: 1642

    Alex Warrick: 1581


    Council Position #4: Graduate Affairs 

    Samantha Frank: 3042


    Council Position #5: Legislative Affairs

    Kelsy Watson: 1730

    Jeffrey DeGon: 1380


    Council Position #6: Student Activities 

    Kendal Davis: 1828

    Madison Azim: 1411


    Council Position #7: Student Health and Safety Services

    Brendan Hargrave: 1714

    Mohamed Ahmed: 1535


    Council Position#8: Student Services

    Ryan McCulloch: 2003

    C.W. Twohy: 1218


    Council Position #9: Technology Advancement

    James Reisenauer: 3105




    Total number of votes: 3515 

    *All bios are listed in alphabetical order, by first name. If any of this content is felt to be in error, please contact the ASEWU webmaster by email:

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