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Learn about the ASEWU Elections and see if YOU qualify to run for office!

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    2014 ASEWU General Election Results

    Total number of Students Eligible to Vote: 10,220
    Total Votes Cast: 1,294
    Total Percentage of Students Voting: 12.661%

    Proposed Renovation of the EWU Pence Union Building
    No: 546
    Yes: 536
    ASEWU Consitution Change #1
    Yes: 1,009
    No: 171
    ASEWU Consitution Change #2
    Yes: 999
    No: 180


    D.J. Jigre: 972
    Andy Duncan: 224

    Executive Vice President

    Brendan Hargrave: 673
    Jose E. Razo: 502

    Finance Vice President

    Keirstan Hanson: 771
    Max V. Bulmer: 385

    Academic Affairs

    Cassidy France: 779
    Taylor Belden: 336

    Athletic Affairs and University Advancement

    Kyle C. Dodson: 1085

    Diversity Outreach

    Jorge Garcia: 554
    Ayanna Frenandez: 550

    Graduate Affairs

    Kristina Li: 1048

    Legislative Affairs

    Mikaila Leyva: 594
    J.D. Greening: 531

    Student Activities

    Abbey Madison: 588
    Whitney Mitchell: 548

    Student Health and Safety Services

    Alexandra Rich: 692
    Juan Razo: 451

    Student Services

    Madison Azim: 581
    Andrea Zimmerman: 529

    Technology Advancement

    Nick Sweeney: 683
    Giang Bui: 483


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