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Contains all bylaws that provide guideness to ASEWU

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    The ASEWU Bylaws determine the delegated duties within the student government positions. The bylaws are routinely reviewed and updated, but are not official until they have been approved by Council and signed by the presiding President and Executive Vice President. All of the bylaws that are available online have been previously approved. If any of these bylaws should be broken, the ASEWU Superior Court holds the authority to take appropriate action.

    The bylaws are numbered according to their appointed number, followed by the date corresponding with the school year in which they were enacted.

    100: Student Government

    101.2009-2010 Formatting and Proposing Legislation
    102.2006-2007 Meeting of the ASEWU Council
    103.2012-2013 Duties of the ASEWU President
    104.2012-2013 Duties of the ASEWU Executive Vice President
    105.2012-2013 Duties of the ASEWU Finance Vice President
    106.2009-2010 Meetings of the ASEWU Work Session
    107.2012-2013 Positions and Responsibilities of the ASEWU Council Representatives 
    108.2009-2010 Standing Committees of the ASEWU Council
    109 [Open]
    110.2008-2009 Requirements for Incoming ASEWU Council Members
    111.2007-2008 Establish and Continue the Incorporation of ASEWU
    112 [Open]
    113A.2007-2008 Presentations to the ASEWU Council
    114.2012-2013 Establishing Cabinet Positions 
    115A.2007-2008 The ASEWU Council, Executive, Superior Court, & Legislative Affairs Budget
    116.2012-2013 An act establishing the stipend for all members of the ASEWU
    117.2007-2008 Process for Selecting the Student Member of the EWU Board of Trustees
    118.2011-2012 The Position of the ASEWU Legislative Liason 
    119.2009-2010 The ASEWU Council and Work Session Minutes
    120.2003-2004 Appointments of Student-at-Large Positions: Expired, October 24, 2008
    121.2012-2013 An act relating to the ASEWU Council Clerk 
    122.2003-2004 Establishing ASEWU Representative Assistants: Expired, May 14, 2009
    123.2008-2009 Formal Process for Presidential Nominations to Receive Council Advice
    124.2002-2003 Access of ASEWU Appropriated Funds: Expired, March 14, 2008
    125.2008-2009 Student Fees
    126.2007-2008 The Position of Communications & Media Relations Specialist

    200: Elections

    201.2008-2009 ASEWU Elections Policy
    202.2010-2011 Establishing the Position of ASEWU Director of Elections
    203.2011-2012 Seeking ASEWU Elective Office
    204 [Open]
    205 [Open]
    206.2012-2013 ASEWU Election Campaigns
    207 [Open]
    208.2008-2009 Course of Action in Filing an Election Grievance
    209.2008-2009 Election Board Hearing
    210.2008-2009 Election Board Post-Hearing
    211.2008-2009 Election Violations
    212.2008-2009 Establishing an Election Board
    213 [Open]
    214 [Open]

    300: Associated Students Committees

    301.2007-2008 Student Committee Appointments
    302.2008-2009 ASEWU Student Legislative Action Committee
    303.2009-2010 The ASEWU Graduate Student Senate [Signed Copy Unavailable]
    304.2003-2004 The ASEWU Eastern Dialogues Committee: Expired, May 28, 2009
    305.2008-2009 Student Health Advisory Committee
    306.2007-2008 Service and Activity Fee Committee
    307.2007-2008 Bookstore Advisory Committee
    308 [Open]
    309.2007-2008 Intramural Advisory Council
    310.2007-2008 Childcare Advisory Committee to the Vice President of Student Affairs
    311 [Open]
    312 [Open]
    313.2005-2006 Public Relations Committee
    314.2006-2007 Food Service Committee
    315.2009-2010 ASEWU Diversity Committee
    316.2006-2007 University Recreation Center Governance Board
    317.2010-2011 University Recreation Center Advisory Council
    318.2007-2008 The Student Transportation Fee Committee

    400: Clubs and Organizations
    Note: The ASEWU Council redefined most of the bylaws in the 400 series (401, 402, 403, 404, 405, & 406) and consequently may not reflect the original bylaw it is said to have rescinded.

    401.2009-2010 Establishment of Categories of ASEWU Organizations
    402.2009-2010 Recognition of ASEWU Organizations
    403.2010-2011 Maintenance of Club Recognition Status
    404.2009-2010 Creation of the ASEWU Start-Up Fund
    405.2009-2010 The Annual Allocation of the ASEWU Service and Activity Funds
    406.2009-2010 ASEWU Supplemental Budgets
    407 [Open]
    408.2012-2013 Qualifications to receive service and activity funds from the ASEWU for student-led clubs and organizations and club sports 
    409.2007-2008 Club Sports Federation Committee

    500: Associated Students' Building Operations
    *A Standing Committee of the ASEWU Council

    501.2012-2013 Student Union Board of Control*
    502.2009-2010 Finance Committee*
    503.2011-2012 Review and Proposal Committee*
    504 [Open]

    600: Associated Students Activities

    601.2007-2008 ASEWU Eagle Entertainment Board: Rescinded, 2009-2010
    602.2008-2009 Eagle Entertainment Coordinators: Rescinded, 2009-2010

    700: ASEWU Superior Court

    701.2010-2011 Duties of the ASEWU Superior Court
    702.2007-2008 Impeachment Power of the ASEWU Council in Regard to the ASEWU Superior Court
    703.2002-2003 ASEWU Superior Court Clerk: Expired, April 8, 2008
    704.2007-2008 The Disciplinary Power of the ASEWU Superior Court
    705A.2007-2008 Salaries for the Justices of the ASEWU Superior Court
    706.2012-2013 The Performance Evaluation Power of the ASEWU Superior Court 
    707.2006-2007 The Performance Evaluation Power of the ASEWU Superior Court

    800: Special Designations

    801.2010-2011 The ASEWU Endowment Scholarship

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