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Frequently Asked Questions


Running Start is an opportunity for qualified students to take college courses during their junior and or senior year of high school. Successful completion of a course through Running Start allows a student to earn both high school and college credit.

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    Do you have to attend classes at your high school while participating in Running Start?

    No. A student may choose to either enroll full time at EWU (up to 15 credits) or enroll part time, with the rest of the classes being taken at the high school.

    Do all classes and grades from EWU end up on the high school transcript?

    Yes. A copy of the student's quarter transcript with grades will be sent to the high school to be recorded on the student's high school transcript.

    Who determines what EWU courses fulfill high school graduation requirements?

    Each individual high school district determines equivalencies for their students.

    Do students need to meet all graduation requirements, including the WASL and the senior culminating project?

    Yes. The student must meet his or her school districts qualifications for a high school diploma.

    Can a public high school in Washington deny Running Start participation to eligible students?

    No. The student simply needs to meet eligibility requirements.

    Does EWU offer an AA degree?

    No. But a student who completes the EWU lower division general education requirements can transfer to any public Washington State four-year colleges and the receiving institution will accept that the student has met all of their lower division general education requirements.

    Contact Information

    Running Start Office
    300 Senior Hall
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6155
    fax: 509.359.2220

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