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Leah Ruiz


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    Attending: Washington State University, M.A. Criminal Justice


    Acknowledgement to Mentor: I am so grateful that Dr. Jonathan Anderson agreed to become my McNair Mentor. His kindness and patience taught me what qualities I would like to have as a future professor. A professor who students enjoy learning from and aspire to be like him. Thank you Dr. Anderson for allowing me to learn from you and to grow so much more as a researcher and future graduate student. Any of the future McNair Scholars who have you as a mentor should consider it an honor and privilege to be your mentee. I know I did. Thank you.



    Leah Ruiz daughter of Tina and Christopher Ruiz. They have always encouraged her to pursue higher education. In her pursuit she has achieved many honors including being on the Dean's list, the Vice Presidents Honor Roll (Spokane Falls Community College), being accepted into the Psi Chi Honors Society (psychology) and the Alpha Phi Sigma Honors Society (Criminal Justice).  Being a McNair Scholar this past summer, Leah and Dr. Jonathan Anderson (mentor) have worked on research regarding the influences of grades and procrastination on self-esteem. This research was presented at many conferences including the Western Psychological Association in Portland, Oregon (2014). Leah has also participated on other research projects such as self-monitoring of time estimation, discrimination against morning and evening people in activities and relationships, the effects of religiosity on attitudes and behaviors regarding sex, drugs and alcohol, and the effects of stressors on sexual satisfaction among non-cohabitating, cohabitating, and married couples. She has been accepted into the Master's Program in Criminal Justice/Criminology at Washington State University.



    Dr. Jonathan W. Anderson, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, Associate Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Social Work, EWU


    TRiO McNair Research Internship:___________________________________________________________

    The Evaluation of Working Memory Through the Digit Span Task (2014)

    In this study, working memory was evaluated using the WAIS-IV Digit Span Task. The Digit Span Task consists of three sections: a forward, backward and numeral sequencing tasks. Each section consists of eight items, each with an increasing numeral count. Ninety-six participants, from the Eastern Washington University student population, were tested using the WAIS-IV Digit Span Task. The data will be analyzed using SPSS software. We hypothesize that within each of the three Digit Span tasks, participant accuracy will decrease as each item's difficulty increases. Also, as the Digit Span tasks progress in difficulty, (from forward, to backward, to numeral sequencing), participant accuracy will decrease.

    Discrimination Against Morning and Evening People, (2014)

    Research on stereotypes of morning and evening people has shown there is a more negative image of evening people overall (Collins et al., 2013). The present study examined potential discrimination against individuals based on circadian preference. We hypothesized that participants would prefer a morning person for activities requiring responsibility. We also hypothesized that evening people would be favored for lazy, illicit, creative, and exploratory activities. Participants completed the Morningness-Eveningness Questionnaire (Horne et al., 1976) and a discrimination measure asking participants if they would do various activities with a morning/evening person. Results showed a preference for morning people over evening people for activities that require the person to be responsible. Furthermore, evening people were preferred for activities that were considered to be lazy, illicit, and exploratory. Thus, the stereotypes that exist for morning and evening people are used as the basis for discrimination.


    Conference Presentations:_________________________________________________________________

    Discrimination Against Morning and Evening People,

    The Evaluation of Working Memory Through the Digit Span Task,

    Procrastination, Grades, and Self-Esteem,

    Good Lovin': The Effects of Stressors on Sexual Satisfaction among Non-cohabitating, Cohabitating, and Married Couples,

    The Effects of Procrastination on Self-Esteem,

    The Effects of Religiosity on Attitudes and Behaviors Regarding Sex, Drugs and Alcohol,


    Honors and Awards:______________________________________________________________________


    Graduate School Acceptances:_____________________________________________________________

    Washington State University, M.A. Criminal Justice

    Contact Information

    Eastern Washington University
    526 5th Street
    Cheney, WA 99004

    phone: 509.359.6200 (campus operator)

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