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Nora Vivas


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    2000 Research

    Abstract: Reasons that Lead to the Social Situation of the Indigenous People of Argentina

    Mentor: Dr. Dale Lindekugel, Sociology and Guillermina Walas, Spanish

    Argentina, located in the southern tip of South America, is the country that has always been defined as the most European-like in Latin America. Statistics report demographics in Argentina to be composed of 97% "white" population (Marques, 396). The encyclopedia Britanica breaks the ethnic composition down as 85% European and 15% mestizo (European and Indian mixture) and Amerindian. According to said encyclopedia, this is due to the fact that heavy immigration has produced a people who are almost all of European ancestry. It also says that the indigenous population were "pushed aside (mainly to the Andean provinces) or absorbed, and the mulattos disappeared, apparently also absorbed into the dominant population." There is absolutely no mention of genocides of entire communities. This is very much the way that history had traditionally been taught in school, like in many other parts of the world, historical records are one-sided representing the views of the "pioneers".

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